Rapport från Tumaini, 3:e november 2017

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Rapport från Tumaini 3:e november 2017

I´m glad for 2017, has been a successfully year, with these two classroom built and repairs of the other four. Me, Teachers and parents are so happy for what has happened!
Some are calling the New Gracious, because of the great change!
Thank you so so much for your support
It has brought me and the school this far!
It takes a big heart for someone to stand with somebody for the time of need!
I really appreciate all you do for me and for Gracious School!
We shall have holidays from 8th of December to January.
We have about 19 workers, and are enough for the coming year!
At the end of this month older kids will go to Ngorongoro National park and young’s one to Kia Airport

Thanks again for all!